esumc_communities_logo_final copy-01Join us for a Missional Community Reception all Sunday morning of August 27th!  Wonderful refreshments as well as information and the chance to meet the Community leaders.  Come any time that morning to the Commons Area of the Original Campus!  We look forward to chatting with you.  In the meantime, read below for more information about Missional Communities…..

Church is not a building but wherever the people of God find themselves. Jesus told his followers not to go to church but to be the church—wherever they live, work, and play. We want all of our lives to bring out the God-flavors and God-colors of the world! We’ve also discovered we’re better at life and faith together. eStreet Communities are discipleship groups that operate as extended families on mission in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ. These communities meet regularly to enjoy a meal together and to practice a shared rhythm of life as followers of Jesus.

Shared meals are a core value of eStreet communities because Jesus used food as a sign of God’s great welcome, as a way to bring people together, and as a reminder that life is good. Missional communities meet twice a month to share a meal together and once a month to build relationships and serve together. We have ten missional communities, so try one for the worship service you attend. Guests are always welcome.

For questions, contact Ashley Griffith, Director of Inviting Ministries.

Whether you worship in the Sanctuary, The Gathering, at Church on Morgan, or at the Southeast Raleigh Table, we have a community for you!