Edenton Street United Methodist Church is pleased to announce that it has expanded giving alternatives and will now accept credit cards for charitable contributions.  However, we encourage the responsible use of credit cards.  The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 8:12 (NIV) “For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.”  At Edenton Street, giving responsibly is from abundance and not through debt.


ONLINE GIVING:  Vanco link to online giving: (please use this link for your website or create a button for the link).  Please know that this is a new system to on-line giving and a new account has to be set up by the giver while also disabling the old system.  For any questions, contact Joni Earp by calling the church office.

  • This link will take you directly to the giving details where donation and registration information will be prompted.  The donor is prompted to “select a fund” from the drop down box.  The link is active now!


  • ESUMC is the church wide keyword
  • There are two ways to get to the designated fund choices using text giving:
    • Text ESUMC
    • Text ESUMC to 73256 to give using text messaging.  Choosing this option will lead you to a drop down box where the designated funds can be selected.  “Traditional General Fund” is the default for this option but a drop down box is available to choose the other funds. . Please note, standard text messaging rates may apply to text giving.
  • or  Text ESUMC + fund keyword
    • Below are the designated fund keywords for each fund generated by the Vanco system (designated fund keywords are highlighted).
      • Text ESUMC Gathering to 73256 to give to the Gathering General Fund
      • Text ESUMC COM to 73256 to give to the COM General Fund
      • Text ESUMC SERT to 73256 to give to the SER General Fund
      • Text ESUMC Trad to 73256 to give to the Traditional General Fund
      • Text ESUMC Missions to 73256 to give to the Missions-Desig. Fund
      • Text ESUMC PastorsAid to 73256 to give to the Pastor’s Aid fund
      • Text ESUMC Special to 73256 to give to the Special Gifts fund

(The keywords are not case sensitive but a space between ESUMC and the fund key word is required. Please note, standard text messaging rates may apply to text giving.)

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