In the age of Wikipedia, smart phones, and 24 hour news, we don’t need more information, we need less. Jesus once encountered a man, who, like us, knew too much. And his message was simple; there is one rule, one idea, one cause that makes sense of it all: love the Lord your God with all your HEART + SOUL + MIND + STRENGTH. This is the whole story. Here at eStreet Youth, our vision is to remember this one thing in all we do and to raise up students who love God with everything they’ve got. We’ve written this statement on our walls; we’re writing it into our programs; we want it in our hearts. Join us!

Our ministry programs and events match our values and are offered year round. Each week we have Sunday School and youth group. Monthly we have missions and small groups. Annually we take various retreats, mission trips, attend camps, and lead confirmation class.

ALL Nighter Christmas 2019!!

Friday, December 20th at 8pm – December 21st at 6:30am  Bulla – Registration $80.00

Every year eStreet Youth celebrates the Christmas holiday by throwing one epic party that lasts ALL NIGHT LONG!  Want to join 200 youth from Raleigh for a night of food, games, music, fun, fellowship and laughter?  We hope you will join us for our largest and most fun night of the year!  Register here!


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For more questions, contact Rush Beam, Director of Youth Ministries.